About Us

AHDK is a fast paced show targeting today’s adult who is not afraid to have a good time. If you are easily offended or demand political correctness stay clear of our diatribes towards each other and society as a whole. If you don’t take yourself too seriously but yet expect some intelligent takes on any given subject at any given time, we are just what the doctor ordered. Brad Davies brings over twenty years of radio experience to the mic and as a native New Yorker he doesn’t understand what it means to “bite your tongue”. N.D. Kalu is a former professional football player who spent 12 years in the NFL. He brings “locker room” talk to the mic and was recently added on the FCC’s most wanted list. The over under on how long he will be allowed on the radio is at 6 months. Grab a drink, sit back and enjoy the greatest show on terrestrial radio!!!!

After Hours with Davies and Kalu